Own T-Shirt

Designing your own custom Canadian hoodies allows you to unleash your creativity as you think of unique designs that look presentable. As you try doing the process, you get excited thinking about the concept and curious about the outcome.

Some people do this as a recreational activity, while others grab this opportunity to earn money by selling customized shirts. There are two ways in designing your shirt: printing the design on your own manually or forward it to a t-shirt printing company and let the printing machine do the job.

Regardless if you’re in favor of manual or automated printing, you can still think of the perfect design in your house. Here’s how you produce your own custom t-shirts:

1. Think of a Design

Before buying the necessary materials in making your own personalized shirt, you need to have a concept that would surely represent you well or something that’s related to your interest.

However, if you’re making a design for a company, school, or sporting team, you’ll need to focus on the logo first. The aforementioned are entrusting the concept to you, so you’ll have to make sure to create a design that represents the company and other paying customers. Don’t think of designs that deviate the primary concept of the t-shirt project.

2. Choose a Shirt Color

There’s a wide range of colored shirts without any design sold in the market. You’ll also need to think of a color scheme to know what particular ink colors must be used.

See to it that your chosen shirt color doesn’t match with the ink color used. It must be contrasting, so you can fully appreciate the design of the print. For reference, dark colored shirts are best paired with light colored inks, while light colored shirts matches best with dark colored inks.

3. Choose a Shirt Style

T-shirts are known to be simple, yet versatile as you can easily pair it with anything. However, t-shirts don’t come with a single design. There are also variations when it comes to this apparel.

The neck part of a t-shirt can either be round or v-neck. As for the sleeves, some people prefer to adjust the sleeves shorter, while others stick to the standard length. Crop tops are also a trend in the t-shirt printing world, especially for fashionable girls.

4. Know the Placement of the Design

Once you’ve come up with a concept, t-shirt color, and t-shirt design, it’s time to open editing apps like Photoshop where you get to visualize your design on the computer and use a shirt template to know the best position for your design.

This is important as the size, position, and color of your design wholly depends on the editing app – and this will serve as a guide as you manually print your shirt or once you submit this to the t-shirt printing company.

After following the steps, you’re finally ready to wear your custom t-shirt to the public.


Customizing your own shirt can be a challenging, yet fun experience since you get to challenge your creativity. While others opt to have it for personal use, others grab the opportunity to make profit out of the designs. Thinking of the right design is the very first step in making customized shirts.

After coming up with a design, you’ll need to know which shirt color are you going to use, to be followed by choosing a style for your shirt. Lastly, you’ll need to bring your whole concept to life with the help of editing apps before using it as a guide in creating your own shirt.

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