We’re experts in

  • Manufacturing custom project products
  • Installation and assembly of bleachers and seats at stadiums, arenas, field houses, courts and gyms
  • Inspection of sporting facilities to ensure the stringent security and safety standards are met
  • Designing and building new press boxes, barrier netting systems and grandstands


The tradesmen we use are experienced, certified and trained. This is why we have the know-how and manufacturing capacity to take on any custom project with relative ease. It really doesn’t matter how big the job may be.

Assembly And Installation

Going with us means cutting out the middleman. We will assemble, deliver and install any sporting equipment you need for the stadium, arena, field house or gym of your choice.

We have a diverse line of indoor sporting equipment we can both supply and install for you. We also factory assemble a lot of the standard-sized bleachers we offer and these can be shipped to you straight from our factories.

We can fit your new community centre or school gymnasium with divider curtains, wall pads, telescopic bleachers, floor covers, basketball stops and volleyball equipment.

Designing And Building

High school and university soccer and football fans love what we do. This is so even though they may never have any idea of who we really are. We’re extremely good at building and designing barrier netting systems, press boxes and grandstands for gyms, arenas and stadiums. We have a lot of our work standing tall all over Canada and your facility can be one of those places as well.


We have a very experienced inspection team that knows exactly what to look for once they’ve been put to task. If you want to know whether the sporting equipment in your facility is both safe and secure, look no further. Not only will we effectively inspect the site in question, but we’ll also provide you with a detailed report of what we find after each inspection. This will come to you accompanied by service work recommendations which are designed to help you get better.