Field Hockey Goals And Nets

Canadian Sports Equipment provides its clientele with top-quality field hockey goals and nets. The products we have on offer include portable and semi-permanent goals, outdoor and indoor goals and wheel kits for easy transportation. Products in this section come complete with installation instructions.


We offer industry-leading baseball sports equipment that will match perfectly with your diamond. Whether you intend on upgrading protection via pitching screens or custom netting or whether you want to outfit your field with home plates and bases, know that we can make all this happen for you. Pitching rubbers, home plates and bases are what completes an infield and these are just but some of the things we do extremely well.

Goal Posts, Rugby Uprights And Post Padding

The official-sized rugby goal posts we have on offer are specifically designed to act as semi-permanent systems which you can remove when you’re looking to configure the field so that it can be used for other sports activities. We can also provide post padding with Velcro so you can install it easily. Most of the covers are manufactured using high-density foam and heavy-duty vinyl.

Soccer- Permanent And Portable Goals

Canadian Sports Equipment is always willing to work with facility planners and soccer clubs when it comes to designing sports equipment packages for soccer, undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world. We can provide your facility with both portable and permanent sporting solutions. Portable goals are becoming very popular all across the globe. The most common of them all that is found in the Canadian market include Deluxe European Club Goals, Pro Premier World Goals, Evolution Evo 1.1 and FUSION goals.

Team And Staff Shelters

We can provide your facility with the top-of-the-line team and officiating shelters. We assure you our product line will manage to take your field to the next level.

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